Action Planning - what is happening??

Already the year is nearly over and we've seen so much progress being made, but what else is to come?
During 2010 we have focused on four things, they have been:
  1. SSAS (Student& Staff Against Sewage)
  2. Energy Audit
  3. Planting Trees
  4. Pride - recycling, etc.

1. SSAS (Student & Staff Against Sewage):

SSAS is a group of students and staff who are motivated about doing something about the Whangarei District Council polluting our Harbour. They're allowing wastewater and raw sewage to be leaked/dumped into our precious Harbour and by doing so; it's ruining our beautiful marine life and waterways.
In term 3, a group of students talked at all of the Whanau assemblies and presented a PowerPoint on Whangarei's Harbour. Petitions will be going around Whanau classes in the hopes that this will raise awareness and get more people on 'board' on the mission to save Whangarei's Harbour.

2. Energy Audit:

More information to come...

3. Planting Trees:

More information to come...

4. Pride - recycling, etc.:

Our aim is to encourage members of Kamo High School, as well as the wider community, to take pride in our environment and make a conscious effort to preserve it. After all, we have to live and work in our environment daily - for functional, hygienic and aesthetic reasons we must act with pride.
In a short while, we're planning to take action by making a video which will be presented to staff and then students during Whanau time.

If you want to be involved in any of the above actions and/or an action of your own, please feel free to join the movement - you're more than welcome. The Environmental Committee meets every Thursday in B1 at lunchtime. Or you can let us know what you think about the Wiki by adding a message to the discussion board.