The Environmental Committee!!

Friday lunchtimes in B02 - anyone is welcome!

Kamo High School's journey of being an Enviroschool began on the 13th of May 2010. Since becoming an Enviroschool, Kamo High School has already achieved so much; the Environmental Committee meets almost weekly to discuss different matters, ideas, solutions and ways of which we can create a whole school vision. We have around 20 keen and committed members, though any new members are welcomed with open arms - even if you just want to have a little sit down and see, first-hand, what it's all about. Our Environmental Committee has been split into separate groups so that more of the matters addressed can be discussed by people who have a passion for them. The groups are: Saving Whangarei Harbour, "Pride", Energy Audit and Tree Planting.
Actions are already taking place - you can check out the SSAS (Students & Staff Against Sewage) Facebook page. Share your ideas and show your support - we can** make a difference!!

These are a seletion of pictures taken on the 30th June 2010 at our meeting:

A Few of the Members..

Signing a Harbour Petition...

From the 2010 Yearbook - 'A Journey Through Time'
"The Environmental Committee''
Kamo High School this year became an Enviro-School. This means that we as a school hope to become a sustainable community. In Northland there are 42 Enviro-Schools. There are workshops organised to teach and help representatives to be more effective in the school communities. A highlight this year was visiting Matakohe/Limestone Island in the Whangarei Harbour. Other schools in the Whangarei area also went on the organised outing. The day started with the boat trip to Matakohe/Limestone Island. The Kamo High School Environmental Committee learned about the uniqueness of the islands and the dedications and hard work that goes into keeping the island a refuge for baby Kiwis. The pest-free island is something that Whangarei should be proud of. The Environmental Committee this year was led by the Environmental Prefects Jeremy White and Courtney Phillips. Overall the Committee's first year has been very successful and has gone a long way in making Kamo High School environmentally friendly.