A WET LIBRARY FOR WHANGAREI ‘Whangarei Terenga Paraoa – Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve’

It took over ten years of hard work and determination for Kamo High School students to be successful in their proposal for a marine reserve to be established in the Whangarei Harbour. Their persistence paid off in 2005 when the Minister of Fisheries approved the reserve. The Department of Conservation formally opened the reserve on October 18th 2006. These reserves are raising the public’s awareness and understanding of marine biodiversity and conservation. They’re also providing the public with reserves which are now, in some ways, more densely populated than the Poor Knights Islands.
Thousands of Kamo High School students have, over the years, been involved in the restoration of Whangarei’s Harbour, it’s an ongoing development and we have high hopes that in the future we’ll continue to see progress being made. Kamo High students should feel proud that they have created a diverse, sustainable, educational and what is believed to be the first reserve proposed and created by a school in the world!

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